THEBEN Meteodata 139 KNX
THEBEN Meteodata 139 KNX

THEBEN Meteodata 139 KNX (1399200)

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  • Weather forecast receiver
  • Recieves weather data from the HKW via longwave on hours of sunlight, probability of rain, wind speeds and temperatures
  • (This service is not available in all European countries. Find out more at
  • Weather forecasts for the next 3 days are shown in 6 hour blocks
  • In addition, weather scenarios such as "fine", "cloudy", "rainy", among others, and storm warnings are also received
  • Data can be visualised purely for information purposes
  • By using the data, heating and shade can be controlled with foresight
  • e.g.:
  • If sun is forecast, only the absolutely necessary amount of water will be heated using the central heating system in the morning and the solar heating system will be used later for the rest
  • In summer, awning systems are used in unused rooms in order to prevent the rooms being heated up by the sun's rays
  • In winter, however, the use of awnings is minimised in order to let as much of the sun's heat in the room as possible
  • Exact time entry in the KNX system thanks to a time signal sent with the weather data
  • Provision and transmission of the weather data by HKW is currently guaranteed until 2021-12-31. Any termination of the transmission will be announced on the website, at least 5 years in advance
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