KNX RGBW Led Dimmer
KNX RGBW Led Dimmer

KNX RGBW Led Dimmer (SR-KNX9512FA)

Marka : Sunricher
Fiyat : $140.00  + KDV
KDV Dahil : ₺4.856,43
TL Fiyat : ₺4.047,02(₺809,40 + KDV)
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KNX RGBW Şerit Led Dimmer

4x5 Amper Kanal Başı Güç

The dimmer with LED constant voltage drive can drive LED directly, has four channels, each channel is
The output can connect with some big power dimmable LED lights. These LEDs can be switched, dimmed,
recall scene or other operations via the bus.
The devices adopt PUSH terminals to achieve electrical connection; the connection to the EIB/KNX bus is
established via a bus connecting terminal. The input need connect a 12V-36V DC operation voltage. The
following list provides a functional overview:

Switching the LED light
Relative dimming
Absolute dimming
Status report, error report
Setting 15 scenes
Staircase lighting function
Bus recovery (or reset) function
Preset value and modify preset value functions
Switch/relative dimming via manual buttons
The above function of parameters to configure and use are described in the chapter 5. The device has own
database file (.vd4) (SR-KNX9502FA/5A-4CH). There is added a manual operation function in the normal
dimming mode, it is invalid in the staircase lighting mode. Switch via a short operation of manual buttons,
relative dimming via a long operation, and in the case of the bus voltage fail the manual operation is invalid.

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