FARFISA Videointercom ZHeroS
FARFISA Videointercom ZHeroS

FARFISA Videointercom ZHeroS (ZH1252W)

Marka : Farfisa
Fiyat : €120,00  + KDV
KDV Dahil : ₺1.582,62
TL Fiyat : ₺1.582,62(KDV Dahil)
₺1.582,62 'den başlayan taksitlerle

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Videointercom ZHero series, ZHeroS model working on digital Duo System. The ideal solution even for estates with high number of users and thanks to essential design, it is suitable in any environment.Extremely reduced depth and surface mounted, it is compatible with any door station working on Duo, it allows a fast programming through DIP switch. Lighting icons for open door and bell exclusion. Two buttons for additional services configuration: door keeper exchanger call, relay activation, additional external door activation, intercommunicating service.
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